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Fake Geek Girl is dedicated to producing projects fronted by women, 

The Fake Geek Girl Blog

The OG Fake Geek Girl

Once upon a time, The Fake Geek Girl started as an old school blog. No video, no podcasts, just a free blogging platform and a girl who was bored at work. 

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Have You Ever Wanted to Be An Actress? Well, Now You Won't!

Join Deb Cameron as she films her auditions for every film, television, and even stage stereotype for women! It's...really not fun at all. Why does she even do this??

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Drinkin' Dames

They Could Have Been Contenders. Instead They're Lushes Who Love Movies.

Remember that movie you used to love? You saw it in the movie theatre at least three times, and then bought the DVD? You quoted lines with your friends and laughed and cried so very hard...

How well do you remember it?

Our intrepid Dames, full of moxie and cocktails, are putting themselves to the test. Every episode, they will tell you all about one of those so very memorable movies.

Or, you know...not.

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This Ain't Your Dad's Conspiracy Theory

Donna's day gets off to a weird start when she stumbles upon her boss's dead body. Before she can call for help, she's pulled into a world of conspiracy and intrigue. The world of The Illuminati.

But this isn't your Dan Brown Illuminati. This is something much more...sinister.

Much more secret.

And much, much dumber.


Marginally Geek

Nerds on the Edge

Marginally Geek is a podcast dedicated to showcasing the diversity that’s always been the cornerstone of the geek community. We do that by focusing on individual experiences. Each month we’ll be interviewing someone new about their life as a geek and all of the ways it does, and doesn’t, match the stereotype of what a ‘geek’ is. While anyone’s welcome to listen to this podcast (and we hope you do!) we’ll be prioritizing the voices of women, people of color, people on the LGBTQIAA spectrum, people with disabilities, the neurodivergent community, and our elders.

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Space Happens

Boldly Going Where No Intern Has Gone Before

A webseries.  A feminist satire of contemporary science fiction developed, written and produced by women of Chicago comedy.  An intergalactic adventure.  In other words, pretty damn fly.